Getting the silver look for your Timber

Getting the silver look for your Timber

Making timber age on its own is one of the best ways to get a shiny grey appearance. This grey looks great and adds up to the aesthetic look and makes it look elegant. These timbers that are silvered are becoming very popular amongst the people and people have been asking these timbers that are silvered lately a lot. So here are some of the ways to get the timber silvered.

There is a process called weathering. This makes the timber exposed to new timber elements. It is the common process by which the oil and the tannins are removed from the timber’s surface. The main thing to get this look is to choose the right kind of timber and get to follow the right and correct process. These are some steps from which you can get these on-trend looks:

  1. Get the right timber: To get the best silvery finish look you have to have the right kind of timber. Some of the timber woods can split while in the process of weathering and sometimes you might get the colour you desired and you wanted. These are some timber woods that are the best choices for the weathered silver colour and these woods blend in so beautifully into the colour. The woods are spotted gum, silver top ash, rosewood.
  2. Make the process happen and occur naturally: Timber staining can’t get the colour you need and it will not get the aesthetic look of the weather look of the silvery timber wood. And to get the desired result, the natural result of the timber wood must be let to age on naturally on its own and the time required must be given for it to gradually age and silver properly.

SIlver finish

3. Usage of oil for the protection of the wood while the process occurs: There is a myth going on that the timber wood finishes must be left without applying oil while the process of aging to get that silver colour. But that is totally false. The timber needs to be protected from various factors while the aging is happening. The timber wood has to be protected from climates that are harsh, weather, drying, cupping, rotting, warping, and many other factors that can affect and damage the wood. There are some oils that do not work in harmony with the timber. Unlike them, the Cutek CD50 oil has the ability to work with the timber wood by giving protection for the timber wood against the various factors that might happen, and that will not help and give the silvered and aged look of the timber wood. Aged timber or the timber that is left to silver will be able to stay and look good if the timber wood is maintained properly after that. With continuous use of the oil for protection to protect the timber wood from harsh conditions the unique and elegant and aesthetic appearance of the timber wood will be there for years.

As told above the main important thing is to get the right kind of timber wood for the process of weathering to get the desired result. And let the process of weathering happen naturally to get that look that is absolutely extraordinary. But if you do not have that amount of time to get your wood silvered by the natural process, then new wood can be silvered in minutes in your house within minutes with materials that can be found easily around your house. Here again the type of wood you are going to paint or get the look differs with the type of wood. The techniques used for artificial silvering or the aging of the timber wood is based on the type of timber wood used.

Remember to follow these steps to get a beautiful, aesthetic, and elegant silver finish on your timber wood.