Printing Presses and COVID 19

Printing Presses and COVID 19

With the spread of the COVID 19 across the world reaching its status of a pandemic, every large business and industry is making efforts to protect its employees, partners and society. Printing presses are among them and they have their operations planned in such a way that employees can reduce the risk of spreading the disease. Businesses must prevent the risks and constantly monitor for any sign of disease spread and act on it if it does occur. Some catalogue printing services in Sydney have temporarily closed down.


Printing presses are now working in a unified manner, though there are several hurdles which include power interruption and reduced manpower. Even if there are complete power shutdowns, the printing presses are able to get work done for other partners without being interrupted. The partners available get the latest information printed. There are responsible leaders in every department that take turns entering the worksite, who are equipped with digital devices and technology to conduct meetings online.


Also based on the Disease control boards and WHO’s disease prevention advice, workers are provided with sanitisers which contain alcohol of 60-70% when they are present at their workplace.



  • The agents from the disease control board survey the workplace and are allowed to disinfect the place at any time needed.
  • Continous disinfectant of frequently used items is practised to kill the possible virus aerosol.
  • Additional cleaning staff are employed to maintain a higher standard of cleanliness.
  • Printing press operators are all advised to clean their work station after the completion of their shifts.
  • The employees are also advised to act accordingly to prevent any future disease spread by educating them.
  • Sick employees are strictly advised to stay home. Strict protocols are made to follow for employees when they sneeze or cough with tissue papers or bent elbows covering their mouth and nose.
  • Hand sanitising soaps and sanitisers are provided for employees and a minimum of 20 second-hand washing is advised.
  • The employees are strictly advised against gathering or making physical contact. They are also advised against touching their faces, especially their mouths and nose.
  • Every employee should safely stand at a distance of 6 feet from one another while conversing.
  • The use of technology should be taken advantage of, especially online video calling sessions, to educate employees about the disease and any meeting to ensure a healthy and safe working schedule.
  • Reduced employees are requested to be present on the site of production. Only those that are essential for the business should be there and the other employees should work from home to prevent any physical contact or gathering.
  • Limited access to online deliveries into the site and strict authorisation for any visitors are all practised.


Employees have now become somewhat used to this pandemic, thereby constantly watching out for ways to prevent disease spread. Improved networks and contacts across various stations help in getting the right information about the outbreak spread, patient recovery and recent government plans. The contact with local and national health departments give us access to monitor the pandemic in real-time.


So during this period, it is all about the safety and health of employees and all those in society. As the pandemic is continuous and keeps growing, plans to keep operations running also evolves and takes a new shape every day. This occurs with the help of employees who give honest and transparent feedback and responses. Printing services in Australia will continue to cater to their customer’s needs.